Bridal Hairstyle : Be True to Yourself!

When it came to picking our wedding date, my husband suggested June and I quickly responded with “oh no, we can’t get married in June. My hair won’t be long enough by then!” He laughed and thought I was kidding… I was not. You see, three days before our surprise October engagement I decided to try something new and had 6″ chopped off my hair. I’ve always had longer hair and wanted to look and feel like myself on my wedding day. It may sound a little silly, but having long, flowing bridal hair was important to me! In the end, we got married in September and my hair had 11 months to grow and prepare for the big day.

I highly recommend meeting with your hairstylist a few weeks before your event to discuss your wedding day hairstyle and try it out. See how it looks in real life and how well it holds up by the end of the day. I thought I wanted my hair loose and simple, but after meeting with my amazing hairstylist Jeanine I took her suggestion of a half up style to keep my hair out of my face. I’m so glad I did! It kept my hair off my mind but still gave me the length and relaxed look I was looking for. And it stayed in place all night, even through my very enthusiastic¬†(bad) rendition of the Wobble.

The moral of this hair story is that you should feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day. Be true to your style and what makes you feel great!

Photo Credit: Ben & Sophia Photography

Hair: Jeannine of Hair by Jeannine, Toano, VA


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