DIY Inspiration: Pallet Bar

You know those wooden pallets that industrial supplies are delivered on?  If you are familiar with Pinterest and have any interest in DIY wedding decor, you have probably heard that these pallets are a wonderful, low cost way to add a bit a charm to your big day. For my wedding day, my dad and my hubby-to-be constructed a bar out of three industrial pallets that I found by a dumpster (glamorous, I know) and a sheet of plywood as the bar top. They used 3 pallets total, two back to back to create a sturdy base and one cut in half to construct the sides. They attached the sheet of plywood on top using a nail gun and rounded off the edges. I sanded down the top, stained it, and added some whimsical wooden letters and battery operated fairy lights. It was a very low cost way to add a little fun and personality to our day. I love the way it turned out! Check out our finished bar below along with some other pallet bar ideas to spark your creativity.

Photo: Ben & Sophia Photography
Photo: Laken Fulton Photography
Photo: Natalija Bunovs
Marly Mechelli Photography
Photo: Leslie Gilbert Photography
Photo: Jessica Lynne Studios
Photo: Jessica Crews Photography
Photo: Coletivo3
Photo: Amalie Orrange Photography
Photo: Timwill Photography


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