The First 3 Steps of Wedding Planning

You said yes!!! You have a sparkly new ring on your finger and it’s time to start planning the day you’ve been dreaming of. So where should you begin? These 3 steps will lay the groundwork to make the process easy, seamless, and less stressful:

1. Have the Money Talk

It’s time to talk about money with your fiance, family, and anyone else who may be helping out with your event financially. Often couples are shy about hashing out these details and end up with an unclear idea of how much they actually have available to spend on their wedding. It is extremely important to find out how much you have to spend, when the funds are available to you, and how the contributors want to be included in the planning process. Figuring out these important details early in the planning process can save you lots of headaches and heartache later on.

2. Choose Your Priorities

After figuring out your overall budget, sit down with your significant other and figure out which aspects of the day are most important to the two of you. Every couple is different and your fiance’s wishes may surprise you! When planning our wedding, my fiance wanted to be sure our guests had the opportunity to bring their children along, so we made sure to allow a little extra room in our headcount and chose a family friendly location. I wasn’t too worried about floral arrangements but felt strongly that our guests should be treated to a good meal. So we spent a little less than average on flowers and concentrated our reception funds on catering. Determining what elements of your wedding are most important will help make the best choices for your unique day. 

3. Set a Date

Ok, you don’t necessarily have to pick the date right now. In fact, when you search for wedding venues it’s a good idea to have your preferred date in mind and a few back up dates if you have the ability to be flexible. But if you aren’t ready to select a specific date at this point, choosing a month or even a season will help you in your selection of a wedding venue and will define the overall time you have available to plan your event.

Bonus: Hire a Wedding Planner

If you think you may need a little help bringing your wedding dreams to life, now is a great time to look into a full-service wedding planner. Many brides have the misconception that opting for full-service wedding planning means you have to give up control of your big day. In reality, it’s the complete opposite! Your wedding planner can tackle of some of the more challenging parts of the planning process such as vendor contracts and floor plans so you’re left with the fun parts like inspiration boards and cake tastings. Yum!


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