Floral Spotlight: Anemones

I do not have the gift of gardening. In fact, I have been responsible for the death of countless houseplants, herb gardens, and potted plants. I have even managed to kill a cactus. But despite my lack of a green thumb, I love flowers! My sweet husband has a habit of surprising me every now and then with a bouquet of blooms “just because”. It always brightens my day and brings a smile to my face!

Flowers are often an important element in weddings as well. Today’s blog post focuses on one of my favorite wedding flowers, the anemone. The anemone is a delicate spring flower with large soft petals and a dark center. My favorite color of anemone is white or blush petals with a dark center, but they can also be found in variations of blue, purple, red, and pink. These blooms can symbolize anticipation and excitement for the something in the future. Few events in your life conjure up more anticipation and excitement than your wedding day! Here are a some of my favorite images to give inspiration on incorporating anemones into your wedding day.

Photo: Milton Photography
Photo: Prema Photographic LLC
Source: Appleberryink via Etsy
Photo: Mathias Fast Photography
Photo: The Pastry Studio
Photo: Samantha James Photography
Photo: Paige Jones
Photo: Watson Studios
Photo: Angela Higgins
Photo: Photolove
Photo: OneLove Photography
Photo: Next Exit Photography
Photo: Krista Mason Photography
Photo: Brittany Jean Photography

2 thoughts on “Floral Spotlight: Anemones”

  1. These flowers are beautiful and classic. I had never heard of this flower before this post (my “green thumb” is one par with yours). What price point are these flowers? Are they only available in the spring?

    1. Thanks for the comment Michelle! Glad to know I’m not the only flower enthusiast who is lacking gardening skills. 🙂 To answer your question, Anemones are an early spring flower so their season generally lasts until May. They may be available out of season as well, but keep in mind that any time you opt for out of season flowers their cost is generally much higher than in season blooms. In general, Anemones are a reasonable option with an average price of about $5/stem (more than a Gerber daisy, less expensive than a rose). Their blooms are fairly small but bring a lot of personality so they can be mixed in with other flowers and still make an impact.

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