Light Up the Night: Mastering the Sparkler Exit

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July! All of those beautiful fireworks reminds me of the popular modern wedding send off – the sparkler exit. Sparkler exits can be fun, beautiful, and a great photo op. They can also be slightly tricky without proper planning. Here are a few tips to make sure your sparkling departure runs without a hitch:

  1. Make sure you know the rules. Many states allow sparklers but sometimes only certain sizes are considered legal. Be sure to check your state laws and your venue’s policy as well. Just because the fireworks are legal doesn’t mean the venue necessarily allows them!
  2. Find out how long your sparklers light will last. Depending on your state’s regulation, I recommend purchasing 24″ sparklers with a 2 minute burn time. This gives you plenty of time to have everyone’s sticks lit and remain sparkling for the entire exit. If you are only allowed to use smaller sticks, consider giving each guest two in case one of theirs goes out too quickly.
  3. Make sure your photographer is ready before lighting the first wand! Once the first one is lit, it’s hard to stop the excited crowd from lighting the rest. Your photographer may appreciate a minute or two before lighting so they can make sure guests are lined up evenly and conditions are ready to capture the perfect getaway shot.
  4. Provide a few sources of ignition. Whether you opt for matches or lighters, make sure you have a plenty of equipment available so your guests don’t have to all huddle around one lighter. Personally, I like to bring out a few votive candles to get the first few lit and start things off. Once the first wand is fired off, the fastest way to spread the glow is from one sparkler to another.
  5. Don’t forget a metal pail (not plastic or glass!) full of sand or water to safely collect the hot burnt sparkler sticks when the departure is over.



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