Pre-Wedding Festivities: Who Hosts What?

You may be wrapped up in planning your big day, but don’t forget about all the fun pre-wedding parties that accompany it! Traditionally there are certain key players who are responsible for planning wedding related events. Please remember that also these host roles are traditional, they should not be demanded! Wait for your friends or family to offer to host a pre-wedding event for you. If they don’t offer and you are counting on them to organize a party, speak to them privately to find out if that’s something they are willing to do. Be gracious if they are not up for it! Of course, every situation is different and you should not feel tied to these rules at all. They are simply guidelines and can be tweaked to fit your family, friends, and financial situation.

The Engagement Party – Often hosted by the bride’s parents or close friends of the couple.

The Bridal Shower – Your bridesmaids, headed by your maid of honor. It can also be hosted by a close female relative or friend. It’s considered rude to host your own bridal shower.

The Bachelorette Party- Your bridesmaids, headed by your maid of honor.

The Bachelor Party- His groomsmen, headed by his best man.

The Rehearsal Dinner – His parents.

The Post-Wedding Brunch – Either set of parents, or unhosted! For an unhosted event, a restaurant location is chosen but guests cover their own meal. This is typically a more casual affair.

Let the fun begin!

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