Do You Need a Wedding Registry?

When it comes to wedding registries, is your first thought “essential” or “outdated”? You may think you should skip the wedding registry because you already have a household established. I used to feel that same way, but I my husband and I ended up making a registry for our wedding and I’m happy we did! Here are three reasons why I recommend making a registry for your wedding:

  1. Your guests want to buy you things! The wedding is a time for celebration of your new life together. Even if you have been sharing a household for awhile already, your guests want to shower you with gifts for this new chapter in your life. Why not register for gifts that you actually want rather than ending up with 4 new toasters or a serving dish that is totally not your style?
  2. Every household can use a little refreshing. Before we got married, we ate off of dishes I bought from TJ Maxx when I was in college with mixed matched flatware. And you know what? They were just fine! However, I was really happy to receive a gorgeous new set of Kate Spade dishes off our wedding registry and fresh new flatware.
  3. Even a small registry can be helpful to your guests. Your guests want to buy you something that you want and will find useful. A wedding registry is a great way to show your guests what items and styles you like. While your list can be as long or short as you would like, be sure to include a variety of items and price points. But don’t be afraid to include a few big ticket items! Sometimes groups of friends or family like to pool their funds together and splurge on a larger gift.
  4. You can often complete your registry with discounted prices. Many stores such as Bed, Bath, & Beyond offer special pricing on items on your registry that you didn’t receive as a gift.
  5. A registry doesn’t have to be dishes. I will admit, I love to cook and entertain and many of our registry items reflected that passion. However, my husband and I also put a big emphasis on splurging on experiences and travel rather than material goods. We had already booked a cruise for our honeymoon and created a Royal Caribbean wedding registry where our guests could treat us to fun experiences during our trip. For example, one of my dear friends treated us to drinks by the poolside while another gave us the opportunity to take a special snorkeling shore excursion. Personally we didn’t feel comfortable asking our guests to fund our actual honeymoon trip, but giving our friends the opportunity to send us extra treats for our trip was wonderful and really enhanced our honeymoon experience.

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