Surprise! Preparing for Hidden Wedding Costs.

Everyone loves surprises, right? Not when it comes to your wedding budget! Here are the top 10 most commonly overlooked wedding costs and what to generally expect:

  1. Taxes and Fees When negotiating with your wedding vendors, be sure to ask for figures that include all applicable taxes and fees. Sometimes these taxes and fees can add up to more than 40% in addition to base prices.
  2. Gratuity Take a look at all your contracts and see if gratuity is included (most of the time it is not!). While gratuity is generally not required, it’s always appreciated to tip your wedding vendors for outstanding service.
  3. Alterations You said yes to the dress – yay! Pay attention to any alterations or special undergarments that may be needed. Sometimes these modifications can add up to be more expensive than the dress itself.
  4. Cake Cutting FeesĀ & Corkage Fees- Some caterers charge a fee to cut and serve your wedding cake. Be sure to ask your caterer if their cake cutting is complimentary. Likewise, some bartenders charge a corkage fee for any alcohol that is opened or any wine bottles that you supply. It’s best to ask about the policy ahead of time before you are stuck with a steep bar fee bill.
  5. Marriage License – While it’s generally not a large part of your wedding budget ($35-50 depending on where you live), don’t forget about paying the fee to apply for a marriage license.
  6. Gifts – Your wedding party, parents, and other loved ones have given you so much love and support preparing for your special day. A thank you gift is a nice gesture, remember to budget accordingly!
  7. Vendor Meals – You should include vendor meals in your catering contract. No one wants a hungry wedding vendor! Typically meals will be needed for your DJ/Band, Wedding Coordinator, & Photographer. And don’t forget to check and see if they have assistants attending who will need a meal as well.
  8. Rental items – Does your venue include necessary equipment such as tables and chairs and linens? If so, are they included in your rental contract or are they only available for an additional fee? Be sure you think about what you need ahead of time and get a quote that includes all fees, delivery, taxes, and damage retainers.
  9. Vendor trial runs – Some of your vendors may offer you the opportunity to try out their services ahead of time with a menu tasting, cake tasting, floral demo, or hair/makeup trial. When booking the appointment, you should find out if this service is offered complimentary or if there a cost associated.
  10. Plan B Costs – Does your rain day plan require an additional tent rental? If the weekend turns out chilly will you need to rent heaters? Be sure to add some room in your budget so that your wallet isn’t devastated if the weather is not cooperating.

It’s easy for wedding costs to add up. Taking a moment to consider any hidden expenses can make the difference between a stress free day and an overspending disaster!

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