The Wedding/Life Balance

Happy New Year! And to all the couples who will be tying the knot in 2019, happy wedding year!

I was talking with a dear friend of mine this week about our goals for 2019 and the elusive Work/Life balance we all hope to achieve. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s often difficult to master. Similarly, many brides struggle to find their wedding planning/life balance in the months leading up to their big day.

You are trying to keep up with your career, family life, friendships, romantic relationship, personal goals, and wedding planning – how do you manage it all without pulling your hair out? One way that I help my clients achieve their Wedding/Life balance is by creating a customized Wedding Planning Calendar or Timeline for them. This unique guide breaks out wedding planning tasks and decisions into manageable bites to keep you from getting overwhelmed. And you can rest assured that your wedding plans are on track!

If you google “wedding planning timeline” you will find several versions of standardized lists with instructions for when you should be completing certain wedding tasks. A cookie-cutter guide can be informative, but over the years I have found that wedding planning is not One Size Fits All. You may be planning on a long engagement or a short one. Maybe your wedding falls on a popular date and vendors tend to book up quickly. Perhaps your job has a busy season and you would benefit from completing wedding tasks early when your mind is clear to make decisions.

When meeting with your planner to create your wedding game plan, be sure to communicate what you need in order to achieve your balance. Do you prefer to complete wedding tasks on the weekends? Or do you need Saturdays free to concentrate on Yoga class / errands/ date night to keep your sanity?  Your planner will create a schedule to help you stay on top of wedding plans and decisions without letting them overwhelm your life.

With the right plan, you can achieve your Wedding/Life balance too!

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