5 Tips for a Perfect Beachfront Wedding Ceremony

Ah, the beach. There is something so beautiful and romantic about the salty air, soft sand, and sunlight glinting off the water. It’s no surprise that beachfront weddings are a popular choice for couples tying the night. Whether you are planning an oceanside celebration or vows by the river, here are a few tips to help your beachy day run smoothly:

  1. Know your location: Are you getting married on a public or private beach? Remember that if you are getting married in a public place, you may have the possibility of onlookers who are not part of your invited guests. Many beaches, both public and private, require an event permit for your ceremony. Make sure to do your homework and check out the requirements ahead of time!
  2. Dress Accordingly: A satin ballgown and formal tuxes could look out of place in the sand. Make sure to keep your location in mind and choose something beautiful and practical for you, your groom, and the wedding party.
  3. Communicate to your guests: Your loved ones will want to dress appropriately for the location too! When you send out your invitations, make sure to let your guests know that the celebration will be on the beach so they can plan accordingly. No one likes to wear high heels in the sand!
  4. Anchor Your Decor: The beach is typically much more windy than other outdoor venues. Make sure any decor (including chairs and trellises) are either heavy enough to withstand some wind or tied/anchored down.
  5. Always have a back up plan: Of course, you imagine and hope for gorgeous weather for your celebration on the beach. But sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t get the memo, so be sure to have a backup location available just in case.

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