Wedding Decor Tip: Hit Up the Thrift Store!

We all know that weddings are expensive. Even a “budget” wedding can put some strain on your bank account, but it doesn’t have to! When I was planning my wedding we had limited funds. I knew I wanted to have some pretty touches and decor, but ultimately I wanted to focus our spending on the food, bar, and music. It took a little extra time and effort, but we managed to pull off our wedding decor very economically by thinking outside the box.

My favorite unconventional place to look for deals is my local Goodwill Store. My friends and family will not be surprised at all that this is my #1 money saving tip. I love a good thrift store! They can be a great place to find vases, candlesticks, crates, and dishes. Look for interesting pieces with character and remember a little elbow grease or spray paint can sometimes bring new life to an object. The inventory is hit or miss of course, but definitely worth checking out. My Matron of Honor actually found the dress she wore in my wedding at Goodwill for $6.00. Not even kidding. And doesn’t she look beautiful?

So channel your inner Macklemore and check out your local Goodwill or Salvation Army Store for wedding decor. You never know what you might find!

Photo: Ben & Sophia Photography

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